Self Love: What Its Message Gets Wrong

Self Esteem Gospel

Culture, Instagram influencers, and popular messages say that self-love is the way to cure our pain, insecurity, and shame. We hear from every angle that we need to love ourselves, and that in order to find self-confidence we have to change the narrative we think about ourselves; that loving ourselves has to come before everything […]

Girl, You’re Not Enough

Self Esteem Gospel

Rachel Hollis recently blocked me on Instagram.  Although I agree with many of her points and think she is a talented speaker and businesswoman, the foundations of her message motivate me to speak out. {See the video that caused me to be blocked here, under the “shame” story highlight.} Her message and the self-esteem gospel–summed […]

The Self Esteem Gospel

Self Esteem Gospel

“You are enough.”  “You are worthy” “Believe in yourself.” “You are the hero of your own story.” “Never give up on your dreams” I grew up during what seemed like the peak of the self-esteem movement, during the 90s and early 2000s. Some of the phrases above were on posters all over my elementary classrooms. […]