The Overturning of Roe & It's Christian Opposition

The Overturning of Roe & It’s Christian Support


I knew I would be grieved over the vitriolic rhetoric from extreme-progressive abortion supporters. I really did not expect to be physically grieved, tears and feeling physically ill, from the reaction I saw from Christians. The Christians who said that we should not boldly celebrate the overturn of Roe, because people are mourning. The Christians […]

Ep 05, “Only God Can Judge Me” w/ Phylicia Masonheimer

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On this episode of the podcast, Phylicia Masonheimer and I talk about the message, “only God can judge me”. Phylicia is a speaker, author, and teacher of women. She’s incredibly skilled at teaching women deep theological truths and breaking them down so they are simple to understand, yet never sways from biblical accuracy. It was […]