When You Find Your Identity In Motherhood

Identity, Motherhood

Losing your identity to motherhood is something I think nearly every mother walks through for a least a short time during parenthood. It feels like it’s an all-consuming thing you couldn’t escape if you wanted to. We want to invest so much of ourselves into our kids, but it’s easy to cross that blurry line […]

One Year With Sophia Joy

Family, Motherhood

One year ago at this time I was 9 days overdue with Sophia, and I’d had mostly painless contractions consistently since early that morning. Maren spent the evening playing with her cousins and when she got home we got her ready to put her to bed. We said a tearful goodnight to her, because I […]

A Letter to My Daughters: 19 Things I Want You To Know

Faith, Motherhood

I started this with ten, but I kept thinking of more. It resulted 19 things I want you to know about life. It felt like too long for one blog post, but I didn’t want to cut anything. So I kept it all. The first thing I want you to know is this, and if […]

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety | Part One


I learned three very important things after being diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety: 1. It doesn’t feel like depression and anxiety.  Because I didn’t know what it felt like. I had absolutely no idea what it looked like or felt like, even though I was living a decently severe case. 2. postpartum anxiety and […]