Sister, Walk In Truth


Last month I was honored to write a chapter for the collaborative book, Sister, Walk In Truth. The book explores different lies modern culture tells women and compares it with the truth of the Gospel. My chapter is called “Sister, You Are Not Enough” and discusses how we are only enough when we know that we’re […]

Life Is Not Your Choice


I’ve seen my baby’s tiny heart beating at six weeks, when she was made up of entirely of her heart. You could argue she still is.   I’ve seen my little baby at 14 weeks, wiggling and sucking her thumb, when they announced she was a girl. I’ll never forget the perfect image of her […]

What I Learned From Smashing Our Brand New Car At Church


We bought a new car on Wednesday. Technically it’s used, but it’s the newest car we’ve ever owned. We bought it from a dealership — also a first for us. We’ve never spent very much on cars, but thought to ourselves, “let’s buy a nice car so we don’t have to worry about it for […]

We Were Made For God’s Glory, Not Our Own


Living for God’s glory instead of our own does not sound fun to us. But friends, we’re not living for our own glory. We WANT to live for our own glory, but wanting anyone’s will done in our lives and in others’ lives is living for our own glory. I never once thought about my […]

What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?


Learning what it means to follow Jesus is not a one time answer, but something we spend our whole lives learning. It’s a lifelong pursuit, but it’s also simple at its basic level. Very simply, following Jesus means that we believe Jesus died for us as the perfect son of God, we apologize and turn […]

What Does It Look Like To Follow Jesus in Our Daily Life?


Following Jesus means our daily lives are supposed to look different. No two Christian lives will ever look the same, but God says that all Christians will have some things in common. We all have the same goal — to love God, love others (Mark 12:30-31), and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). So […]

My Story


I grew up in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, a small town right in the middle of the farm plains of North Dakota and lakes country in Minnesota. I was raised in a Lutheran home and attended the same church that my dad grew up in. I considered myself a christian, but it didn’t mean much to […]

A Letter to My Daughters: 19 Things I Want You To Know

Faith, Motherhood

I started this with ten, but I kept thinking of more. It resulted 19 things I want you to know about life. It felt like too long for one blog post, but I didn’t want to cut anything. So I kept it all. The first thing I want you to know is this, and if […]

My Favorite Summer 2018 Books & Resources


Here are a bunch of my favorite books, bibles, and resources I read or used this summer. I’ve used affiliate links where they were applicable. This post was not sponsored or written in exchange for a review. I truly just loved these books & resources and wanted to share them with you all. I hope […]

What Is A God-Honoring Attitude?


As I’m writing this, I’m getting up about every twelve words to tend to a child. I thought it was nap time. I was wrong. I feel like I can never get a break for any real duration of time during the day, and it’s easy to start to feel bitter about it and dwell […]