The Self Esteem Gospel: Episode 01 with Jamie Erickson


In the very first episode of the podcast, I interview Jamie Erickson, writer and speaker and author of Homeschool Bravely. Jamie is also my dear friend and it was an honor to have her as my first guest. Here are some questions we talked about during this episode: This entire first season of the podcast is dedicated […]

The Of Grace & Truth Podcast


I launched my new podcast, the Of Grace and Truth podcast, at the beginning of the year! We’ve been discussing topics that are popular in the self-help world, like “you are enough,” “you are the hero of your story,” self-care, and self-love. The entire podcast was inspired by the voices telling women to rely on themselves, […]

The Risks of A Homeschool Ban: A Response to a Harvard Magazine Writer’s Call for A “Presumptive Homeschool Ban”


Last week Harvard Magazine released an article titled “The Risks of Homeschooling,” and called for a presumptive ban on the practice. The article starts: “Yet Elizabeth Bartholet, Wasserstein public interest professor of law and faculty director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Program, sees risks for children—and society—in homeschooling, and recommends a presumptive ban on […]

Ep. 03: “This Is Me” w/ Sharon Hodde Miller


A new episode is live! This week we’re talking with @sharonhmiller about the message “this is me”. The “this is me” message has become popular in recent years and says that we are free to create our identity based on our feelings and desires, which should be unquestionably accepted by others. But, fundamentally, this message tells […]

I’m Launching A PODCAST!

Culture, Podcast

After around a year of planning and envisioning and working, my new podcast is finally here!! The Of Grace & Truth Podcast features weekly gospel-centered discussions about how to live with grace and truth as a disciple of Jesus in a secular culture. The first season is alllll about what I call the “self esteem […]

John Crist & Abuse in the Church


The news about allegations against Christian Comedian John Christ broke yesterday. The article shared stories from scores of women who claim Crist engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior, gaslighting, and manipulation. If you haven’t read the whole article yet, I encourage you to do so here. Recognize It For What It Is I have known way […]

Why I’m Giving Up Wedding Photography


I’ve been a wedding photographer for the last 7 years. Last Saturday I shot my very last wedding. I’ve taken periodic breaks throughout the years–one I thought would be permanent after having my first baby–but always kept going with it. But between writing, renovating houses, staying home with the kids, starting to homeschool, and new […]

How I Met My Husband–And Our 16 Hour First Date

How I Met My Husband–And Our 16 Hour First Date


Reed and I met for the first time 8 years ago today, on September 11, 2011. I snacked on some strawberries as I drove to a local church to help volunteer at a ministries fair, briefly questioning why I was even going because I was going to miss nearly all of it after my own […]

A New Perspective on Hustling For Success

Self Esteem Gospel

Our culture makes hustling, working hard, and success into the things that will give us ultimate joy and satisfaction. We conclude that if we have those things then we will be happy, have peace, and have satisfaction with life. Unfortunately, all of these things are dependent on us, and therefore dependent on our performance and […]

Self Love: What Its Message Gets Wrong

Self Esteem Gospel

Culture, Instagram influencers, and popular messages say that self-love is the way to cure our pain, insecurity, and shame. We hear from every angle that we need to love ourselves, and that in order to find self-confidence we have to change the narrative we think about ourselves; that loving ourselves has to come before everything […]