The Overturning of Roe & It's Christian Opposition

The Overturning of Roe & It’s Christian Support


I knew I would be grieved over the vitriolic rhetoric from extreme-progressive abortion supporters. I really did not expect to be physically grieved, tears and feeling physically ill, from the reaction I saw from Christians. The Christians who said that we should not boldly celebrate the overturn of Roe, because people are mourning. The Christians […]

The New Moral Law of Health Mandates


Our culture’s standards for “goodness” have been ever-changing this year. First, you were “good” if you never left your house. Then you were “good” if you stayed far away from people. Then, if you followed the arrows at the grocery store. Now, if you wear a mask whenever you’re told, think contract tracing is fine, […]

Political Boundaries 101


I’ve had a number of negative interactions with people surrounding politics this year. I’m sure many people have. Every one of these interactions had one thing in common: unhealthy political boundaries. The majority of the political interactions we see among people today are unhealthy. We wonder why there is so much division, and yet we […]

Why Rachel Hollis’ Divorce Disappoints So Many


Let me be clear: It’s not my business to be personally disappointed by Rachel Hollis’s divorce. It’s not my place to know the details of “why.” I’m not going to cast condemnation for their personal choices that I know nothing about. And yet, Rachel Hollis’s divorce comes as a disappointment to so many.  Not because […]

This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Died So You Can Disagree


Yesterday in his sermon my pastor said, “Freedom isn’t freedom if you’re not willing to sometimes lay it down.”  Freedom is also not freedom if you’re forced to give it up. Countless Americans have died to ensure that you have the freedom to oppose the government. The freedom to disagree with leadership. The freedom to […]

Christians, Keep Asking Questions


It was recently revealed that Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade, was paid by pro-life lobbyists to later speak out against abortion. At the same time, multiple Christian publications have released articles implying that Christians who question leaders, government, and people in authority “hurts our witness” and is something that should be repented […]

Ep 05, “Only God Can Judge Me” w/ Phylicia Masonheimer

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On this episode of the podcast, Phylicia Masonheimer and I talk about the message, “only God can judge me”. Phylicia is a speaker, author, and teacher of women. She’s incredibly skilled at teaching women deep theological truths and breaking them down so they are simple to understand, yet never sways from biblical accuracy. It was […]

Ep 04, “Never Give Up On Your Dreams” w/ Nicole Zasowski


On this episode of the podcast, Nicole Zasowski and I talk about the message, “never give up on your dreams”. The “never give up on your dreams” message says that happiness is found on the other side of a met dreams and that we should endlessly strive for our dreams regardless of anything. Fundamentally, this […]

Ep. 02: Live Your Best Life w/ Kristen LaValley


For this episode of the Of Grace and Truth podcast, I interviewed Kristen LaValley about the popular message “Live Your Best Life”.   Here are some questions Kristen and I talked about in the episode: The entire season of this podcast is dedicated to exploring the messages in the Self Esteem Gospel, or messages that […]

The Self Esteem Gospel: Episode 01 with Jamie Erickson


In the very first episode of the podcast, I interview Jamie Erickson, writer and speaker and author of Homeschool Bravely. Jamie is also my dear friend and it was an honor to have her as my first guest. Here are some questions we talked about during this episode: This entire first season of the podcast is dedicated […]