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The Overturning of Roe & It’s Christian Support

I knew I would be grieved over the vitriolic rhetoric from extreme-progressive abortion supporters. I really did not expect to be physically grieved, tears and feeling physically ill, from the reaction I saw from Christians.

The Christians who said that we should not boldly celebrate the overturn of Roe, because people are mourning.

The Christians who said calling abortion murder is shaming.

The Christians who publicly showed their support of abortion.

The Christians who shared where to donate to directly pay for abortions.


I have prayed for this day as long as I have known what abortion was. I do not often wade into the “abortion” waters, as it is extremely emotional for me. However the news that Roe was overturned was legitimately the best news I have ever heard in my entire life.

Apparently many Christians had the opposite reaction.

For Christians, the abortion argument comes down to one question, and one question only:

What does God say about abortion?

First, what is abortion? It is the intentional killing of a human baby. Scientists and doctors agree that a new life is created at conception.

What does God say about killing? Exodus 23:7: “Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death.”

Is or is not abortion the killing a child? It is, therefore it is wickedness. Therefore, I will have no part in it or have any support for it.

God says killing is wrong. He says have nothing to do with it. Therefore killing innocent babies is wrong.

There is nothing complex or nuanced about that. It is very black and white.

What comes after that is complex and difficult. How do we care for babies and mothers? How do we reduce pregnancy rates? How do we raise children in stable, loving homes where their needs are provided for? That is an appropriate conversation.


Christian supporters of abortion– Repent. Repent. You are supporting the intentional killing of babies. The reasons you support abortion may seem good to you. You want to have compassion and care for the least of these. You don’t want to see “unwanted” babies live a difficult life in foster care or face abuse and abandonment. You want mothers to have “control” of their bodies.

But you cannot have compassion or love at the expense of God’s commands.

You cannot serve the God you claim to serve while intentionally violating his commandments.

Christians who are directly donating to pay for abortion, or who are pushing organizations for others to pay for abortions– repent. It is wickedness. It is not compassionate, it is not loving, it is not gracious. It is pure evil and pure wickedness to financially pay for the destruction of a child.

Repent to the God you claim is holy.


Christians who support abortion: Who is declaring truth?

The Holy Spirit? Culture? You?

If you claim Jesus as Lord, then you thereby agree to attempt to follow his commands, accepting much grace. You then agree that the Bible is true and good and worthy of obeying. 

John 16:13 says “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority.”

If you are following the Holy Spirit, you will be guided into the truth. The truth will never contract itself. The Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word of God.

If you are supporting something that is very blatantly contradicting the Word of God, you are not following the Holy Spirit.

That bold of a statement can be declared because the Bible declares that the Holy Spirit will not contradict himself.


We do not have to prove that we are pro-life. It is not a check-list we need to have verified, an itemized resume we need notarized. Pro-life is being against killing babies in their mothers’ bodies. It is purely being anti-abortion.

We do not care for the widow, foster the fatherless, adopt the motherless, care for the abused, feed the hungry, tend to the sick because we’re “pro-life”. We do those things because the Gospel compels us to. Not because we need to prove we are good enough to earn a label.

I am honored and grateful to be a member of a community of believers who sacrificially care for the fatherless, widow, oppressed, hungry, and lonely. They do this not to just prove they are against abortion, but because they desperately want to serve the God they love.


I will not withhold or subdue my joy for “compassion” because others are mourning wickedness.

I understand the intent of those saying not to celebrate– compassion for sinners in need of grace. However, we can both have the utmost compassion and the highest praise at the same time– isn’t this a “nuanced” issue after all?

I will not mourn wickedness.

I will praise God, I will rejoice continually for this righteous decision.






The ways of God are not oppression.

The ways of God are not “taking steps backwards.”

The ways of God are not murder.

“As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless”

Those who claim to love God, follow his ways. His word is flawless.

And rejoice.

An Extra Note:

Christian support for abortion is, frankly, bunk. That is a midwestern term for cow manure, affectionately called another term by many. However, even cow manure has more value to me than Christian arguments for abortion. At least I can fertilize my gardens and fields. I can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and food. Cow manure will sow life. All your bunk sows is death.

June 25, 2022


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