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This Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Died So You Can Disagree

Yesterday in his sermon my pastor said, “Freedom isn’t freedom if you’re not willing to sometimes lay it down.” 

Freedom is also not freedom if you’re forced to give it up.

Countless Americans have died to ensure that you have the freedom to oppose the government. The freedom to disagree with leadership. The freedom to promote legislation to enact new laws. The freedom to choose to give yourself up for your neighbor. And the freedom to speak against anyone who wants to make you give up your freedom.

We’re going through a time of great fear in America, and the world. People are worried about government overreach, totalitarian control, about feeding their families, and losing their homes.

Let’s not dishonor the sacrifice millions have given and lay down our freedom–the freedom to lay down our freedom just as they did for us.

It’s no conspiracy theory that freedom is easily lost. Let’s honor the sacrifice millions have given us and keep using our voices to keep the government in check. It’s not failing to “trust God,” and doesn’t make you a conspiracy theorist to worry about government overreach.

Above all, let’s remember what true freedom is: Freedom in Christ, not idolatry of American freedom.

We are lucky here in America to have a country that ensures that we can express our freedom in Christ, the ultimate example of how to lay our freedom down for another. 

Christians, Keep Asking Questions: A Response to Recent Conspiracy Articles

Let’s not think that concern about losing that freedom is a conspiracy theory, and shame our brothers and sisters into thinking so. Freedom – American freedom protecting our expression of the freedom Christ gives – has been threatened to be lost in every generation.

Let’s not think that our questions or fears about our government “hurts our witness” as Christians, as some have recently accused.

Let’s remember that keeping our government and military generally good – though it’s still wholly flawed – will help keep the vulnerable around the world from a powerful force if turned evil.

We have a great responsibility to steward the massive power that is the United States of America to be something good. If left unchecked to default into evil, our immense power will wield massive destruction against the world.

Every one of us carries that responsibility. By asking questions, keeping the government in check, and pushing back when needed.

Let’s steward this responsibility well.

Let’s honor the sacrifice of millions by defending our freedom to ensure that their sacrifice wasn’t in vain; to ensure that generations to come have the freedom to express their religion; and that we have the ability to express our freedom to choose to lay our lives down for one another.

May 25, 2020


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