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The Of Grace & Truth Podcast

I launched my new podcast, the Of Grace and Truth podcast, at the beginning of the year! We’ve been discussing topics that are popular in the self-help world, like “you are enough,” “you are the hero of your story,” self-care, and self-love.

The entire podcast was inspired by the voices telling women to rely on themselves, and I wanted to add a voice to counter them. One that says to look to Christ and his wisdom before trusting themselves.

The podcast digs into our secular culture and analyzes its falsehoods by comparing them to the truth of the Gospel. We encourage women to live lives wholly dedicated to Christ in a culture dedicated to self.

In future seasons we’ll cover subjects like Progressive Christianity and its teachings and social issues like immigration, race conversations, and homosexuality.

Here at the Of Grace and Truth Podcast, we want to see women embrace a full life in Christ that is based on His truth and discernment, not human wisdom.

The goal of every episode is to analyze the errors in popular messages or ways of thinking and teach how the Gospel responds and gives a better answer for how we should live.

The goal is to teach women how to discern biblical from unbiblical, and give them examples so they can learn to discern biblical truth on their own.

We’re taking a break in the middle of this season due to the pandemic, but we’ll be back soon with new episodes and the last half of the season!

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May 12, 2020


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