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The Self Esteem Gospel: Episode 01 with Jamie Erickson

In the very first episode of the podcast, I interview Jamie Erickson, writer and speaker and author of Homeschool Bravely. Jamie is also my dear friend and it was an honor to have her as my first guest.

Here are some questions we talked about during this episode:

  1. This entire first season of the podcast is dedicated to the Self Esteem Gospel. It’s clearly a very important and widespread topic, but one that isn’t often noticed by a lot of people. Can you explain to us what exactly the Self Esteem Gospel is?
  2. The Self Esteem Gospel really is subtly permeated throughout our whole culture. What are some examples of messages the self-esteem gospel preaches?
  3. Every ideology gives an answer for humanity’s brokenness, the solution for redemption or restoration, and a god to redeem it. How is the SEG message a “gospel” and what does it say the answers are to the world’s brokenness, the restoration of humanity, & the god to redeem it?
  4. The Self Esteem Gospel places self as god. Can you explain a little bit more about how it makes self “god”, and what are some signs someone has placed their hope in themselves?
  5. What is the aim or end goal of the SEG and what does the Gospel say in comparison? 
  6. Where does the SEG say freedom and joy are found and what are some examples? 
  7. Where does the Gospel say freedom and joy are found?
  8. Abiding, obeying, suffering, and denying ourselves are completely contrary to everything the world tells us. As Christians, why should we live our lives pursuing these things versus the ones the SEG tells us are best, like happiness, freedom, becoming our most authentic self, and finding satisfaction with life?
  9. How does the SEG fall short in solving the problem of pain & brokenness for those struggling with oppression, marginalization, abuse, putting food on the table, & earning enough income? 
  10. What does the Bible say we have to do to follow Jesus and how is it different and contrary to the Self Esteem Gospel?


Jamie’s Daily Habit that has most formed her to look like Jesus:

daily bible reading 

Listen to the Episode:




May 12, 2020


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