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I’m Launching A PODCAST!

After around a year of planning and envisioning and working, my new podcast is finally here!!

The Of Grace & Truth Podcast features weekly gospel-centered discussions about how to live with grace and truth as a disciple of Jesus in a secular culture.

The first season is alllll about what I call the “self esteem gospel”, which I’ve talked about a lot here on my website. It’s the messages our culture tells women that push them to rely on their own power instead of Christ’s, while wrapping them up in Christian sounding words.

Every episode I’ll welcome a new guest to help us understand these topics from a gospel perspective. Guests this season include Phylicia Masonheimer, Jefferson Bethke, Emily Jensen, Sharon Hodde Miller, Jamie Erickson, and so many more. We’ll explore phrases like “you are the hero of your story,” “you are enough,” “live your best life,” and concepts like self love and self care.

For the very first episode we’re digging into what exactly the self esteem gospel IS with our first guest and my lovely friend Jamie Erickson of @unlikely_homeschool.

You can listen to the podcast on:



Google Podcasts (I don’t have an android so I can’t find a link to this one–sorry!)


Since it’s a new podcast ***if you’re having trouble finding it, add “elling” after “of grace and truth”****

It would be a huge help to me and to the podcast if you SUBSCRIBED and left a REVIEW. Both of those things help boost the podcast’s rankings, therefore getting into the ears of more people.

Thanks for all of your support, friends!



January 10, 2020

Culture, Podcast

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  1. Hi!!
    Are you thinking about writing a book or picking back up your podcast? I love your work. What projects are you working on? I’m a homeschooling Mama in Florida of 9 year old twins and I watch a infant daily. I am very into apologetics and preparing my kids for the Christian answers to all the tough questions from our secular world. Hope you and your family are good.
    Megan Plohocky

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