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Exterior Renovation Reveal

As many of you know, we barely made it through our exterior renovation.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it sure felt like it.

We started the project armed with a paint sprayer, sure that it would make the process a quick and easy one. So wrong.

We had to re-side the back of the house (the other three sides were salvageable cedar), had to pound in 2000 nails by hand, and then ran out of siding and had to order more. We rented scaffolding at $50 a day, which gave us unneeded additional incentive to get things done quickly.

I think the process took 10 days total if I had to guess. Way more days than we thought Reed would have to take off of work, which added significantly to the stress. But we had to get the house closed up before winter, so we kept going, even if it meant starting to paint at 11:10 at night.

We had rain days, forecasted nice days that ended up being 100% foggy with drizzle, wind, and more rain and fog. I think I will remember it as the worst project of the whole house. And remember we lived in a completely torn apart house with two little kids for six months.

The first night we started painting at 11:10 PM, and as we were pulling the scaffolding over it fell in a hole and then fell into our 12-foot front window, shattering one of the 5 panels. A couple days later Reed went to go get more paint and a massive rock shattered the windshield on our new truck. Then we noticed we got white overspray on both of our black cars, both purchased this year. There were a bunch of other things that went wrong, too, but I can’t even remember them right now. The whole project felt like nothing went as planned and was 10x harder than it should have been.

We painted the first coat of the house Benjamin Moore White Dove. We got one coat on and I didn’t’ like it at all. It made our house look just dirty. So we spent the extra money and bought BM Super White, which is what’s in the whole interior of the house. I’m so glad we decided to do that extra step and spend just a little more money, even though we just wanted to be done at that point. The trim paint is Benjamin Moore Flint.

One day towards the end of the project, flowers from my brother and his wife were delivered as a surprise to us. The note with it said, “We are sorry your windows keep breaking and there is paint on your cars. Sending lots of love, thoughts, and prayers. Hope things start to look up soon!” That gesture felt like the thing that made things start to look up, and we’re so thankful they did that.

Well after that long introduction……here is a before picture:


And here is the after {the broken window is the one on the top right. It still has one intact pane}


This is what the back our house looked like for most of the summer. I can’t believe how bad it looked.

Our yard looked sooooo bad during this process. So. Bad.

It was very hard to reach the top peaks of the house. Reed had to go on the roof and spray blindly with his arm over the side of the house being guided by me to spray that top gray part.

We’re not 100% done, but we’ll do the rest next year. We’re going to paint the front steps, the planters, add lots of landscaping, get new front doors, and put in a new pendant light. It will need a new roof eventually, and we’re gonna put in a deck in the back next year. For now, I’m just so glad we’re done ❤️

Remember how the scaffolding was $50/day? I was expecting a $500 unplanned expense. The total came to $160.00.

October 15, 2019


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