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Renovation Update

In the last month we’ve gotten our counters installed, our kitchen sink hooked up along with our dishwasher, stove, and fridge. Our kitchen is fully functional!! The only thing left to do for it is paint and install the cabinet doors, and a couple details like installing the microwave and backsplash. I think I finally chose a color for the cabinets. It was a process!

We finished installing our flooring upstairs and it took WAY longer than we expected. But one of our friends offered his help for THREE days, and we are so grateful! Reed loved having someone to work with, too. All that’s left in the living room is the trim!! We installed an in-wall speaker system with bluetooth and we absolutely love it. It was a last minute thought but it’s our favorite thing about the house! And it didn’t cost very much either, under 250$ for everything.

We love sitting on the island at night and listening to music and looking out that window at the lights in the harbor. It’s absolutely beautiful.

We decided to get waterfall edges on our island in the kitchen. We put cabinets under the seating area and we realized we both didn’t know what we would put in the space where the waterfall is and how we would get the doors to open all the way if we put something there for support. It was more expensive but we love it and think it was worth the extra cost. 

We still have to refinish the old railing, but we put it back in just for now to keep the baby safe. We thought about replacing it but the quotes I got were like 4 thousand dollars. So I guess we’re redoing it! We’re gonna repaint it black and the paint the top wood part white. I don’t mind the color but it looks really worn and I don’t want to sand it down to re-stain it. It’s a really sturdy railing and it’s in good shape, so we’re happy to refinish it.

We finally have a couch again!!!!!

And a dining room table!


We’re so excited to finally have a house to live in again. It’s been six months without a kitchen, a living room, or a dining room. I barely remember how to cook, and I overflowed our food all over the new stove the other day, but we couldn’t be more excited for our house to be coming together!

November 28, 2018


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