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I’ve had a number of negative interactions with people surrounding politics this year. I’m sure many people have. Every one of these interactions had one thing in common: unhealthy political boundaries. The majority of the political interactions we see among people today are unhealthy. We wonder why there is so much division, and yet we […]

Let me be clear: It’s not my business to be personally disappointed by Rachel Hollis’s divorce. It’s not my place to know the details of “why.” I’m not going to cast condemnation for their personal choices that I know nothing about. And yet, Rachel Hollis’s divorce comes as a disappointment to so many.  Not because […]

Yesterday in his sermon my pastor said, “Freedom isn’t freedom if you’re not willing to sometimes lay it down.”  Freedom is also not freedom if you’re forced to give it up. Countless Americans have died to ensure that you have the freedom to oppose the government. The freedom to disagree with leadership. The freedom to […]

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