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Have you seen multitudes “canceled” for their beliefs, group associations, or opinions? Have you been told that you are ___ist for voting for a political candidate? Have you been told by someone that they cannot agree to disagree? Or have you been cussed out, verbally assaulted, and hurt by people because of your political ideology or your opinions?

These actions leave so much confusion and hurt in their wake, and seem impossible to understand. But at their core, they are all rooted in one common ideology: Critical Political Theory, or a new Religion of Politics.

Learn to understand why people cancel their grandmas, verbally assault others, and label others by their beliefs rather than actions– and believe they are “good.” Learn why this ideology rests on the belief that its greatest moral duty is to free people from oppression, and how canceling grandma and cursing out their social media friend is therefore moral if the person is an “oppressor.”

Why Shame & Cancel Culture Rule & How the Church Should Respond

A New Political Religion

Fixer Uppers

Be warned: This is a long post. I put together a bunch of before and after pictures so you can see how drastic the change was. We bought this house in June 2016 and have put a lot of work into it, so there’s a lot to share. We saw the listing the day it […]

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