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I knew I would be grieved over the vitriolic rhetoric from extreme-progressive abortion supporters. I really did not expect to be physically grieved, tears and feeling physically ill, from the reaction I saw from Christians. The Christians who said that we should not boldly celebrate the overturn of Roe, because people are mourning. The Christians […]

Our culture’s standards for “goodness” have been ever-changing this year. First, you were “good” if you never left your house. Then you were “good” if you stayed far away from people. Then, if you followed the arrows at the grocery store. Now, if you wear a mask whenever you’re told, think contract tracing is fine, […]

I’ve had a number of negative interactions with people surrounding politics this year. I’m sure many people have. Every one of these interactions had one thing in common: unhealthy political boundaries. The majority of the political interactions we see among people today are unhealthy. We wonder why there is so much division, and yet we […]

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