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Hi, I'm Meagan

I love to encourage and challenge women to boldly pursue God and to see and remember the Lord's faithfulness in their lives. My desire is to see hearts opened to the goodness of God and eyes opened to see his faithful love. I want women to find the only real freedom for all of our pain and struggles: in Christ.

I am a writer, blogger, and encourager. I call Duluth, Minnesota home with my husband, Reed, and our two little girls. I'm an INFP, possibly an enneagram 4, and my love language changes based on how tired I am. I love traveling, reading, and cactuses. Preferably all at once. And also with Texas Roadhouse bread.

Sister, Walk In Truth

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Last month I was honored to write a chapter for the collaborative book, Sister, Walk In Truth. The book explores different lies modern culture tells women and compares it with the truth of the Gospel. My chapter is called “Sister, You Are Not Enough” and discusses how we are only enough when we know that we’re […]

Our First Official Flip! And A “Before” Video

Duplex Reno, Home & Design

We’ve been working on something for a few months that we can finally share with you: We bought our first official flip house! Reed and I have had this dream for at least 5 years, maybe longer. We’ve renovated two houses before, but we’ve lived in them during renovation and could always “just live in […]

Life Is Not Your Choice


I’ve seen my baby’s tiny heart beating at six weeks, when she was made up of entirely of her heart. You could argue she still is.   I’ve seen my little baby at 14 weeks, wiggling and sucking her thumb, when they announced she was a girl. I’ll never forget the perfect image of her […]

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